Anal Orgasm

In order to know how to have an anal orgasm, you first need to understand what it is. Having an anal orgasm is about something happening in your anus that stimulating your G-spot to orgasm.

A lot of women have an anal orgasm but because there are a large number of men that don’t, you might be asking “why?” The reason for this is that most men don’t orgasm with their anus. I will explain to you how to get an anal orgasm.

The first thing that you need to do is to relax. I want you to breathe deeply and imagine that your breath is the air entering your butt. You need to relax your whole body and do not touch your anus. You can’t push, pull or any other action that would make you feel self-conscious.

Your imagination is what you need to focus on. When you visualize yourself inside your own anus, your anus will open and you will feel a lot of pressure. Focus on it. It’s very important that you focus on your imagination and you don’t try to touch yourself but simply imagine the pressure.

Now imagine that you have a wand inside your anus. You don’t have to move it but just imagine how the pressure is being built up inside your anus. Focus on it.

Do different positions. Just imagine different positions in your mind and all of them will allow you to reach an orgasm. I’m sure that you can imagine one or two different ones that you find more erotic.

Do all kinds of things that will help you in having an anal orgasm. It doesn’t matter if you’re alone or with someone. The important thing is that you concentrate on it. Focus on the pressure that is building inside your anus and not on anything else.

When you are having normal sex with your partner, she can feel it inside her. When you start doing anal play with her, she can feel the pressure. But, imagine it happening to you. Focus on it.

These tips will help you to understand how to have an anal orgasm. The next step is to start stimulating your G-spot with your finger. Let’s say that you have a finger inside your anus and you are imagining your finger as the wand.

Imagine your finger as the wand, and let it penetrate into your anus. Focus on the pressure it builds up inside your anus. Once you have stimulated your G-spot, you can move your finger around and stroke yourself to an orgasm.

The idea here is to have your finger to stimulate your G-spot every time you perform your anal play. You will never get bored of it. Of course, once you feel the feeling of your climax, you will probably have another.